Bachelorette party 411 party planning ideas in New York City (NY) with Bachelorette party contests, male exotic dancers and male strip club suggestions for an amazing girls night out experience.  We can suggest male strip shows to give your bachelorette party the night of their lives. We are a bachelorette party entertainment planning service. We plan thousands of bachelorette parties in NYC and can gaurentee you the best package price to any of the male strip clubs in New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey. You can come to our office or calls us at 646-720-9409.

Bachelorette party entertainment planning ideas in New York and New Jersey.

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We have searched NYC for the best bachelorette deals and discounts giving you the best shows and night life at the best rates. We book tons of bachelorette parties which gives us a lot of leverage. We can beat any Male Strip Clubs package deals and we work with all of them. We can arrange all in one bachelorette party packages that include tickets to one of the male strip clubs and a selection of a few different night life venues after the male strip shows are over all for less then it would cost you to book tickets to one of the shows directly.
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Discounted bachelorette party packages to male strip shows in NYC.

Night clubs

We are your best choice for arranging incredible night life selections for your bachelorette party or girls night out event. Our clout and connections give us not only access to many night clubs, lounges and events but also the ability to get you in at a fraction of the cost if not totally FREE.

At some venues we can even arrange free drinks and access for your entire party into the VIP areas. Depending on the night and the type of venue you would like to attend will determine the deals we can arrange. Please have in mind a possible number of attendees that you may have in your party before calling so we can better assist you.

Call one of our reservationists or come down to our office to plan your next NYC bachelorette parties night out.

Packages for male strip clubs in New York.

Male Strippers for Rent
Rent a hot Male Stripper for your Bachelorette party. Our professional male exotic dancers come directly from our years of experience planning bachelorette parties and the difference is a polished sexy male stripper and not just a guy from a local gym.


New york city & Atlantic City male strip Shows
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Male Strip Clubs

Let us know how many people will be attending your bachelorettes event. We can then structure a GREAT VIP package for you at one of the male strip clubs at almost 30% less then what you could buy the same package from them directly. Simple.
Male Strip Clubs Locations & Schedules
Click on the Names of the venues below to see offers.

  • Savage Men Male Strip Clubs - Best Rated - longest Running strip club
    Male strip shows in New York by the Savage Men male strip clubs.
  • American Babes Male Strip Shows - Very Good Reviews
    Male strip clubs by American Babes male reviews in NYC.
  • Beefcake Male Strip Clubs - Newest of the Shows
    Male strippers in New York at Beefcake male strip clubs.

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