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bachelorette party Philadelphia ideas and male strippers.

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Philadelphia Male Strip Clubs & Male Strippers
Philadelphia male striptease shows and male exotic dancers information can be found below. There are only a few Chippendales styled male strip shows in the Philly area with choreographed multi dancer acts, comedy, contests and massage men. The rest are similar to old style dive bar strip clubs where the dancers look strung out and wierd. Below is an accurate list of the best Philly male strip clubs and night club combinations. Take note, you can also hire a male exotic dancer to come to your bachelorette party location if you do not wish to go to the strip clubs.


Male Strip Clubs

  • Savage Men Male Revues - Click name for info on Male Strip Shows and male exotic dancers.

  • American Babes Male Strip Shows - Click name for Male Strip Clubs locations and male dancers rentals.

  • Beefcake Male Strip Clubs - Click name for Philadelphia Male Revues

    and male strippers rental prices.

    The male strip companies listed above are considered the best bachelorette party ideas in Philadelphia and have a long track record of creating amazing girls night out experiences.

    Some of these sites also have Video previews of their shows so you can get an idea of what to expect.
  • Male Strippers Philadelphia
    Renting a Male Stripper for your Bachelorette party in New York can be a chore or a fun fast experience. Getting the right male strippers for your bachelorette party will make or break your girls night out. Some male stripper companies that rank pretty high on the totem pole and that have amazing customer service and customer satisfaction rating are:

  • SavageMen Male Strippers
  • Beefcake Male Strip Clubs
  • American Babes Male Strip Shows

    Each one

    of these companies will deliver a quality male exotic dancer to your location at a great price. Usually male stripper companies charge 200 - 275 per 20-30 minutes. The quality level of these dancers may be less then what you expect because they are not held to any standards.
    But, the above mentioned companies send you top rate constantly working male strippers that preform on stage at thier weekly shows with great costumes, music and acts.

    Using a lesser company might bring that cute pizza man act you requested a real pizza delivery man that smells like a meatball hoggie, no music, no real act and no real Wow when he removes his clothes.


    Philadelphia Male Strippers

    Rule of thumb, it may be more cost more cost effective to hire one male dancer to come to your Philly girls night out party but the one guy that you pick might not be everyones idea of the ideal sexy male stripper. If you have a diverse group of ladies you may want to option to go to the male strip clubs where you can find a lot of different types of sexy strippers and even gorgeous massage men for the girls that might not be into the whole wild stripper night out thing.


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